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Somalia is among the least developed countries in the world. The country is found in the horn of Africa and the country has seen conflicts for around two decades coupled with floods, famine and deadly droughts. Therefore, individuals suffer malnourishment, poor health quality, and extreme poverty. The society no longer exists, the community no longer exists; all they care for is every day, the way to feed themselves.

Non-profit organizations in Somalia are organizations that have come around help the individuals of Somalia. They are organizations who work on goodwill for the benefit of the people in need without expecting anything from the people in return. They attempt to offer basic needs essential for survival and for good health like supplying health facilities, providing clean and hygienic water supply, helping to train the kids, teaching the people means to be independent and also to stand on their very own feet and most importantly, helping them to understand and maintain their fundamental human rights.

To help the Somalis build a better world for themselves, several of non profit organization in Somalia have now been established. Without expecting anything in return, these organizations work for the people. They work to advertise humanity and peace. Their motive is really to help individuals. They believe that by helping people in need, they are helping themselves build a much better world.

health fund for somaliaThese organizations work for as such and the whole Somalia, they cannot fund their operations independently. This really is where likeminded individuals can come forward to let the people are helped by the organizations in need on their behalf. Well-Being fund for Somalia is gathered through donations worldwide to provide health facilities to the Somalis.

They also strive to extend their work space to all areas of the nation. They keep extending their field to make sure they reach out to all people in need. These non-profit organizations in Somalia are acknowledged globally plus their operations run through contributions contributed by likeminded people around the world.


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