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Smoking cannabis extracts, sometimes called dabbing on wax has become very popular in recent years, and it’s some doctors concerned. Oils were concentrated by weed expresses from bud plant, sometimes called hash oil are a lot more powerful than dried marijuana. The THC levels that are higher are what bring some people to try bud extracts. On average, regular cannabis has a THC content of 12-15 percent. THC is the substance in the marijuana that makes users high. But the average cannabis infusion has a THC content of more than 50 percent, and some extracts are as much as 80 percent THC.

Cannabis infusions which are made with light hydrocarbons for example butane or propane necessitate using excessive security measures and closed loop systems. Manufacturing concentrates illegally by restoring to the usage of open source extraction techniques is possibly fatal and highly dangerous. The fact that hobbyists have tried to undertake this process at home has resulted in explosions, serious harm, and occasionally death.


This list of illustrative groupings might lead one to believe there are stark differences between each one, but the section between glass like shatter and cannabis wax is more superficial than you’d anticipate for those of you who are new to the concentrates game a cannabis wax extract is any oil that concentrates the plant’s chemical compounds like THC and CBD.

After some studying, what’s really dangerous is the extraction procedure. The process can be tricky as found in the news repeatedly before and if not done right, you may end up getting some explosions. Another issue with the extraction procedure is that you can get inferior merchandise or dirty oil. What we mean by dirty oil is oil that has not been purged completely of its residual solvent, which takes away from the quality of oil that you are smoking.

This simplified explanation of oil consistencies is only a scrape on the surface of this emerging craft, and it’s also exciting to imagine how much further science and technology will carry its potential. Advancements in extraction technology have enabled the use of other solvents in an activity that utilises pressure in a safe closed loop system like carbon dioxide and pure hydrocarbons.


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