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2This state tops them all in offering jobs to qualified medical assistants at a competitive salary. sterling heights chiropractor in MI are numerous and it only takes a few steps to find out if there is a perfect job waiting for you. Cities like Saginaw, Flint and Jackson, Michigan are core areas where medical assistants are needed.

These areas have the population to support many medical practices and, in turn, require medical assistants to be on staff. On the other hand, places like Bay City, Grand Rapids and Lansing have smaller populations and do not need as many medical professionals. You can get paid the most by working in Ann Arbor, Jackson and Niles, Michigan because these are large metropolitan areas with a high median income.

As a medical assistant in Michigan, you will be supporting a medical office, clinic or hospital with a number of clinical and administrative tasks. Your duties will vary depending on the size of the practice you are supporting. You will be asked to do such things as answer phones, greet patients, schedule appointments, write and process correspondence, maintain medical records, draw blood, take x-rays and so on.

Generally, you will earn about $25,000.00 per year working in a physician’s office, $24,000.00 per year in an outpatient care center, and $21,000.00 per year in an office of another health professional such as a Chiropractor. Keep in mind that you will earn more by working in a large metropolitan area that contains middle- to high-income individuals.

However, these areas may not appeal to you and you might be more likely to choose a less-privileged but more pleasant area to live and work. Medical assistant jobs in MI are abundant and are available for you if you have the desire and motivation to find them.


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