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Ever since doctors, scientists and experts discovered and shown that weed extracts can benefit health wise, many drug companies have started making supplements and drugs. There are now lots of firms which make drugs and nutritional supplements with weed infusions. In brownies, weed can also be included besides the common pills and capsules. Besides smoking, cannabis can be taken in distinct ways. But everyone who uses cannabis should keep few points in mind so that no mishap happens.

People who take pot should put it to use as per dosage recommended by specialists. They should also buy finest quality products to ensure that they don’t get side effects. The most important thing is always to keep anything that contains weed at a spot that is safe, pills or the brownies. These should be kept in positions where kids and pets cannot reach them.


In the first place a dog will feel quite lethargic with little or no movement secondly blood pressure will also go down fast thirdly heart rhythms will also beat in unusual style fourthly pets will also become incontinent lose equilibrium and also have problems with breathing these are some the easy to see symptoms if what to do if your dog eats marijuana accidently.

Owners are advised not to stress if the dog might have eaten a lot. Nonetheless, they should not attempt to do anything. The pet may be taken to the closest veterinarian to ensure appropriate measures can be taken to treat it. Clinics have all the gear and medications to perform the procedure of removing the weed from the body. So, the veterinarians use these to stabilise the pet’s state.

Owners are also advised to not panic because Cannabis Ingestion in Dogs has happened many times before. So, the vets understand how to proceed and they will have the right medication and gear to solve the issue. So the pets are safe with them furthermore, they’re skillful with the procedure. Everything will be fine once the pet is in the vet’s hands.


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